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31 Inspiring Prompts to Fuel Your Gratitude Journal

You know that gratitude is important to your well-being, and it’s at the very core of your faith.

But …

It’s so easy to get bogged down in negative thoughts when you’re grinding through each day.

I mean …

Your job is relentless …

Your kids have you running around like a madman or madwoman after work …

The air conditioning in your house needs fixed …

You have to find time to do your taxes …

And … doesn’t the car engine sound *off* today? It’s not supposed to knock like that, right?

That’s why a gratitude journal can be invaluable in helping you keep touch with what’s important to you. The things that are right with your life and make each day a blessing, even when it’s hard to see from moment to moment.

Even so, sometimes it’s still hard to come up with something to write about when your world seems to be swirling a million miles an hour.

If you find yourself out of time, or simply out of ideas for your gratitude journal, maybe you just need a little prompting.

Like, maybe a full month’s worth of prompting.

Sound helpful? Great! Let’s dig in …

A Month’s Worth of Gratitude Journal Prompts

  1. What exciting opportunities lie ahead of you?
  2. Name one of your prized possessions. Why is it important to you?
  3. What are you struggling with right now that you know will make you better in the long run?
  4. Name one of your basic needs that you’re grateful is being met.
  5. What trait are you grateful for in one of your loved ones?
  6. Which foods make you happy?
  7. Name something beautiful you saw today.
  8. What is your favorite memory?
  9. Name something you like about your body.
  10. Name a special talent or gift that you’re happy you have.
  11. What do you love about the current season of the year.
  12. Name a book that lifts you up.
  13. How do you let your friends know you appreciate them?
  14. What’s a piece of good news you’ve heard recently?
  15. Which technology are you most grateful for?
  16. Name an activity that you like to do and are able to do.
  17. What are you looking forward to in the next month?
  18. What positive changes are you making in your life?
  19. Who was kind to you in the last week?
  20. Name a movie or television show that you’ve enjoyed in the last month.
  21. What is your favorite article of clothing?
  22. What expertise are you grateful to have?
  23. What do you appreciate most about your job?
  24. Who can you always count on to smile when you come into a room?
  25. Name someone from your past who still impacts you in a positive way today.
  26. What do you appreciated most about the town where you live?
  27. What parts of nature bring you the most joy?
  28. Name a favorite pet, current or past. What made them so special to you?
  29. What good thing happened to you today?
  30. What makes you grateful to live in your country?
  31. Name one thing in the room around you right now that brings you joy, however big or small.
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