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How to Read the Bible in 6 Months: A Full Reading Plan

Do you want to read the Bible in 6 months? It’s possible, but it takes a little bit of work. This post will give you all the tools and strategies that you need to make a reading plan and stick with it so that by the end of six months, you will have read the entire Bible.

Reading the Bible in six months (or over any period, really), comes down to applying some simple steps and doing a bit of basic math … and then sticking to it, of course!

Here are the steps to follow …

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead for any scheduled vacations, tough stretches at work, or concentrated school work that might interfere with your ability to stick to your six month goal.

Set Your Daily Commitment

Choose how many minutes per day you want to spend reading: 15, 30, 45, or some other number? Whatever it is, make sure you can stick to that level of daily reading for the long haul.

Set Your Weekly Commitment

How many days a week do you plan to devote to your Bible reading — 1, 3, 7? Again, make it a target you can stick with.

Decide on a Plan

Now that you know how and how much you want to read each day, it’s time to choose your plan.

Before you do, though, some quick math.

Overall, there are 66 books in the Bible (73 for the full Catholic version).

That means, if you’re reading one book per day, it will take you 66 separate days to read the full Bible.

Since there are about 180 days in sixth months, you could reach your goal by reading about one book every two or three days.

Another approach would be to read three days per week. Since there are 26 weeks in six months, you need to read about two-and-half books per week, so targeting a full book each of three weekdays would work well.

If you wanted to concentrate all your reading in one day each week, you’d need to target nearly three books at a time.

Of course, some books have more chapters and verses than others, so plan accordingly.

With all that in place, it’s time to choose one of three basic Bible reading plans: traditional (one book per day), daily devotions (three chapters each weekday), or weekly devotionals. One way to get started with this would be by finding a plan through any number of Bible apps like The Word Study Bible App – it has a variety of different reading plans from systematic read throughs all they way down to topical readings. You might also want to try out DailyVerses because it’s very easy for beginners who don’t know where to start with a traditional plan.

Buckle Down!

Try to stick with the same reading plan for the entire six months, and set goals that are achievable but challenging—you want this goal to be attainable so you don’t get frustrated or give up too soon!

Bible Reading Tips

Finally, keep in mind some of these tips: try not to read your Bible near any social media sites where there is constant distractions — in fact, once you have decided how many minutes per day and which app or website will work for you, make sure that those are the only things open on your computer.

Make sure you have enough light when reading because it can really affect your ability to focus if you’re working on an electronic device; and remember to take breaks from time-to-time.

You can switch things up by listening through audio files while driving or exercising at home, which will help avoid eye strain and general fatigue over time.

Put this plan in motion, and you’ll be well on your way to reading the Bible in six months!

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